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Policy and Procedures

During these challenging times we are focused and committed to the safety and health of your child and family.  We adhere to the COVID-19  guidelines of the CDC and the state and local government as of 8/15/2022 

  1. Please let us know if your child is ill so that we may reschedue their session.

  2. Please have your child wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of the clinic.  

  3. Equipment and toys used during therapy will be cleaned between each patient.

  4. Masks are required to be worn by all  adults with symptoms of illnesss and or those who have had direct exposure to someone with COVID 19. (It is encouraged that children wear masks if they are ill or have had direct contact with someone diagnosed with Covid 19 but we understand this is not always possible.  

  5. Teletherapy services may be provided as an option to in clinic sessions with insurance approval. For in office Evaluations and Treatment sessions all children will be greeted in the lobby.

  6. Hand sanitizers are available throughout the clinic to be utilized as needed.

  7. Parents may bring children into the lobby to wait for their session or wait in the car. It is no longer necessary to maintain 6' distancing while in the lobby area.     

  8. Please be timely regarding scheduled arrival and pickup times to decrease traffic and allow for cleaning protocols.  

  9. The procedures that pertain to the CDC and state and local government guidance will remain in effect until they indicate they may be adapted.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  We will  post updates on our Website as they materialize. We look forward to working with you and your child.  

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