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What do we offer at Focus Factory?

We evaluate, develop care plans, provide treatment, and offer additional consultative and small group classes.

Child In Speech Therapy



Evaluations are completed prior to beginning treatment sessions.  Evaluations generally take place within a single visit.  The evaluation is  a comprehensive analysis of your child's medical history, your concerns, school reports, clinical observations, and results of standardized assessments.

Physiotherapy Session

Treatment/ Interventions

Individualized and Evidence Based

Treatment and Interventions are identified and selected based on your child's individualized plan of care and will take into account your family needs and ability to implement home programs. Dr. Corby has continued to improve her clinical skills by attending courses in neurodevelopment, vestibular processing, reflex integration, Astronaut Training,  feeding, autism, Floortime, behavioral analysis, sensory, core stability, and upper extremity treatment.

Art Fun

Workshops, Consultation, Small Groups

Supporting function

We offer additional classes throughout the month which help children with basic skills and provide parents with information to help in supporting their children in developing into their best selves. These classes are open to anyone and do not require a medical referral or occupational therapy evaluation. Check in with us to see what our classes will be!

Get Started

Getting started with services is easy and we are here to help. We can verify your insurance and inform you of your costs before you even schedule an appointment.

Happy Dance
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