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Kids with Capes

Focus Factory 


Occupational  Therapy

Dedicated to providing highly personalized and skilled services.

We focus on the needs and skills of each child in order to develop an individualized intervention plan that supports, promotes, and improves your child's development, health,  and participation in all areas of life.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

What  is it?

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupation therapy promotes participation in all activities of life.

Occupational Therapy is evidence based, patient centered, holistic, and collaborative.  Occupational therapy practitioners serve in many settings and work with a variety of populations.

Red Head Baby

Would my child benefit from occupational therapy?

We focus on helping children overcome challenges to support participation.

There are many ways OT can help your child.  OT can help children who have been diagnosed with disabilities or children who require assistance in developing age appropriate skills.  OT's help children acquire skills, attend to tasks, interact with others, and promote overall child development.

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What areas of participation will occupational therapy address? 

Childhood occupations include all the things they do at home and in the community.

Some of the most common occupations in childhood are play, dressing, eating, sleeping, bathing, brushing teeth, socially interacting, ball play, coloring, writing, drawing, building, and making crafts. If your child struggles with any of these tasks or has not met developmental milestones, OT will help.

Kids in Preschool

Focus Factory Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Focus Factory Pediatric Occupational Therapy was established by Dr. Karen M. Corby  to provide services to the families and children of Dawsonville and surrounding communities.  Dr. Corby earned a Doctoral Degree in Occupational therapy from the University of Toledo in 2012 at which time she had a vision of starting a private pediatric practice. Many years later, after working in a variety of settings and specializing in pediatrics, her vision has come to fruition.

Playing in Nursery
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Our Facility

Child Oriented and Environmentally Conscious

We have made every effort to provide an engaging, safe, and clean environment for your child.  We have selected toys to reduce the risk of exposure to toxins during handling and play. We utilize effective but safe cleaning products and protocols to eliminate germs but do not emit noxious chemicals or aerosols.

Environmental Commitment

Inclusive to those with Allergies

We have committed to reduce environmental risk of exposure to children with allergies with use of HEPA air filters, consistent cleaning protocols, and avoiding snacks and materials that contain nuts or gluten.


Karen M. Corby, OTD OTR/L is a 
Board Certified Occupational Therapist  with Emphasis in Pediatrics.

Dr. Corby has spent most of her life working with, teaching, volunteering, raising, or advocating for children. Her commitment and dedication to provide individualized, compassionate, and exceptional treatment is the driving force for Focus Factory Pediatric Occupational Therapy.

Therapeutic Intervention

I utilize a variety of evidence based practice techniques and protocols to support: attention, vestibular processing, self regulation,  fine motor skills, coordination, visual perception, feeding, behavior, strength, and social skills.

Vestibular Processing

Balance, Coordination, Spatial Awareness, Ocular Motor Skills

Child in Air Yoga

Self Regulation

Sensory Processing
(vestibular, auditory, tactile, visual, olfactory, gustatory)

Child at Psychologist

Coordination and Strength

Fine, Visual, Ocular, Manual, Bilateral Coordination
Upper Extremity and Core Strength.

Image by Tanaphong Toochinda

Occupational Therapy will  help with............

Doing Homework

Executive Functioning

Organization, Attending, completing, and initiating  in tasks.


Proper grip and force for writing utensils, formation, spacing, and alignment of letters. Intrinsic muscle strength and wrist stability.

Children coloring
Top View of Kids Playing

Social Skills

Reciprocity, initiation, sharing, taking turns, and adhering to social norms.

Contact us at Focus Factory

6002 Highway 53 E
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Dawsonville, GA 30534

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